What It’s Really Like: LASIK

I’ve been considering LASIK surgery for a while, now. My eyesight is horrible, and I don’t particularly care for the hassles associated with using either glasses or contact lenses. For the time being, however, I am sporting a pair of basic, functional frames.


Naturally, I’m a bit apprehensive about surgery on such a vital element of my existence. So, this morning, to bide my insomnia, I keyed a quick Google search for ‘LASIK experience.’ I scanned the results, clicked onto Crazy Curly Blog and stumbled upon Leah’s blog post on her experience.

Read about Leah’s occular encounter with the lasers, here. You can also click around on the site where you’ll find more of Leah’s helpful posts on “hair, fashion and positivity.”

While the “smirtysixhundred smollars” price tag will definitely require some more specific research on doctors and offerings in my locale, I am incredibly relieved that the procedure sounds like it’s more uncomfortable than painful. Thanks, Leah, for sharing!


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